Saturday, July 18, 2009

List of Private Equity and Venture Capital firms operating in Nigeria


The Makeda Fund was jointly established by SEAF and NOI Consulting to support the development of women-owned and women-managed SMEs in Africa. The Makeda Fund will focus predominantly (but not exclusively) on investments in women-owned and women-managed businesses. The Fund will have Nigeria as its core geographic focus, but also will invest a portion of its capital in other countries in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

The Makeda Fund aims at supporting the growth of women-owned and women-run businesses in Africa. By investing in women-owned businesses in Africa, the Makeda Fund hopes to spur wealth creation and employment generation. We believe that supporting such businesses is important: not only because they are currently an underserved segment of the market, but also because they offer promising opportunities for value creation for both investors and women entrepreneur

Oge Funlola Modie
Fund Director


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